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Theobroma has been a leading independent trader and market maker in cocoa products and cocoa beans since 1922. Theobroma started commercial life on the basis of making direct supplies to the chocolate industry, and as a result we have an in depth knowledge of our customers and their needs, as well of cocoa products and their specifications. We specialise in the practical logistics of transporting solid and liquid product, as well as blending requirements, quality specifications and product presentation. Since 2006, we have had our own proprietary production of cocoa products in The Netherlands and Nigeria under the brand “Tulip Cocoa”.


Cocoa Products


Our partner in Cameroon common initiative group GIC PPLAC, Cameroons leading cocoa producer, has become the first to receive UTZ Certification for its 385 Ha cocoa plantation. The certification was realized in partnership with Theobroma.

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Corporate Responsibility

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