History of Theobroma

Founded in 1922, Theobroma started business in one of the beautiful old canal houses in the centre of Amsterdam. This remained the company headquarters for the first 60 years, after which the company relocated to South East Amsterdam where it remains today. The present Theobroma office is located in an ultra modern building, and enjoys the best communication facilities available today.

Theobroma B.V. (taken from the Latin botanical name for the cocoa tree) started business as a cocoa butter trader only. Today, the company includes cocoa beans, cocoa liquor, cocoa cake and cocoa powder within its principal range of traded commodities, although cocoa butter remains the biggest single traded commodity for the company. Cocoa butter trading was further strengthened following the company’s strategic decision in 2004 to establish its own cocoa processing plant in Nigeria. This project commenced in 2006 and production started fully in Q4 2008.

Theobroma is headquartered in Amsterdam, the world’s premier cocoa port, offering outstanding communications with the rest of the world, making Theobroma B.V. the perfect trading partner for counterparties anywhere in the world. Amsterdam port remains the largest cocoa port in the world and in conjunction with nearby Rotterdam guarantees fast and efficient inward and outward movements of cargoes worldwide.

Our close proximity to these major ports means that the highest standards of quality control are available and are standard practice within Theobroma B.V. All incoming cocoa is sampled and tested by our quality analysts, all of whom are very experienced in this area. Cocoa beans stored in our warehouses are also regularly tested, and we have in house quality testing facilities for cocoa products.

Theobroma B.V. understands that their international trading partners often prefer to have locally or regionally based representatives for direct contact. We have therefore established sales and representation offices in various countries in order to maintain and enhance our high level of service to our partners. Theobroma B.V. now has offices and representatives in the USA, The Russian Federation, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Cameroon.

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