St Anthonys Junior school refurbished blockRelations with host communities surrounding our sites are of great importance to the company. The irregular nature of the cocoa trade means that we engage large numbers of casual labourers at certain times of the year in some countries. Wherever possible, this labour is sourced through contract agencies from within our host communities.

We maintain solid contact with the leaders of our host communities via regular meetings between our management and community leaders. At such meetings any concerns from either side are freely shared and addressed, and solutions sought. As a result of such meetings and discussions the Group has been able to assist in the provision of a new link road as well as the rehabilitation of community drainage facilities in Nigeria.

The Group is firmly committed to the education of children and to further this goal. We have sponsored the rehabilitation of classrooms in two schools close to our main factory site in Nigeria and have sponsored the provision of electrical power, computers and library facilities in a school in Cross Rivers State Nigeria. In addition, the company sponsors the provision of school books and excellence awards at annual local school awards ceremonies. We have sponsored health initiatives such as hiv/aids awareness programs.

A budget is set annually at Group level for sponsorship of community projects, and allocated after discussion between the management and local community leaders. Where sponsorship is done in conjunction with local contractors, those contractors are encouraged to enhance the project further with their own contributions to their local community. It is the policy of the company to avoid any project with political connections and to avoid making political donations.






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