foto2004All employees are expected to maintain the highest standards of health and safety in their daily work. To achieve this end, all staff are trained appropriately with regular refresher courses provided as standard. All significant health and safety breaches are recorded and reviewed by management to ensure a continual improvement in these standards. All factory and warehousing staff are provided with appropriate safety equipment for their daily work and all have easy access to first aid facilities in all our sites. We remain committed to the elimination of all accidents in the work place. To ensure the safety of contractors and visitors to our premises, there are formal procedures for accepting non company personnel into our factory and warehouse facilities.

The Group is committed to providing sustainable direct and indirect employment in all our areas of operation. We work closely with our supply chain to ensure the sustainable and ethical production of our inputs. To assist in these goals, we are developing a model cocoa farm at our factory site in Nigeria, to provide education and training to existing and potential suppliers, as well as to stimulate production of cocoa beans. We are also working towards providing full traceability of our cocoa beans and products from the farm gate. This aspect is still in its infancy and is expected to take some time to fully achieve. Achieving this goal will also allow us to further ensure ethical and environmentally responsible agricultural practices, and further improve the quality of our inputs.

The Group accepts that all good corporate citizens must take responsibility for their impact upon the local as well as global environment. We are fortunate that our industry produces no direct waste products from any of its activities. Any other waste produced by the company, is disposed of in a manner set out in the company procedures, and in conjunction with properly licensed waste disposal contractors. 

We are also committed to reducing as far as possible our requirements for packaging for products. To this end, we use recycled or recyclable packing materials as far as possible, whilst ensuring the integrity of our product and achieving the high standards expected by our customers. Bulk packaging is used where possible.

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