foto3The Group is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in the work place and in the welfare of all employees. Our cocoa butter factory site and associated receiving warehouse for raw materials are certified by SGS to ISO22000:2005 standards, and all facilities we operate must conform to the minimum HACCP standard and the applicable policies and procedures must be routinely followed. To achieve and maintain these standards, we regularly run training and educational courses internally at all levels within the organization, utilizing external agencies where necessary should the required training fall outside of our internal core competencies. All properly completed training programs are certified either internally or by the external training organization.

All employees receive as standard competitive remuneration, are offered pension plans, and where appropriate, non contributory life insurance, accident insurance and health cover. The standard health cover we provide in origin countries includes the spouse and dependants of the employee. Where not routinely available, we assist employees to have access to personal banking and other facilities with reputable institutions.

Hours of work are regulated and monitored, overtime payments are made where appropriate and additional allowances are paid if employees are required to work out of station or on public holidays. All employees are required to take their annual leave. All staff appraise and are appraised annually and the Group operates an annual incentive scheme. The Group is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, disability, colour or creed. Where possible, we seek to promote from within to allow each employee the opportunity to maximize their personal potential.

All employee rights, terms and conditions, including the procedures for consultation, suggestions, complaints and disciplinary procedures are documented in the relevant Staff Handbooks and employment contracts.

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